the ladies made me do it

Is it just me or does it seem like as of late, men have decided to blame everything but themselves for their own actions? “Oh I did it because I have a sex addiction or my wife didn’t affirm me in the way I wanted her to….” etc, etc, etc. Here are a couple videos of men preaching and blaming the women. For example; “If she didn’t wear such revealing clothing I wouldn’t have had sex with her.” I’m sorry, but what ever happend to self-control?

“It’s everybody’s fault but my own, so please feel sorry for me.” Well I hate to break it to you but what you do or do not do with your penis is left entirely up to your own discretion. The situation you got into (anything short of being raped at gun or knife point) was under your own free will. You definitely can’t convince me that a plunging neckline forced you to get your dingus wet. Be a man and be responsible for your actions.

Anyways, here’s the videos of men blaming the women….