i need a break

For the past 20 years I have always had a ‘thing.’ I have always felt my value was in the extracurricular activities I was a part of. Whether it was volunteering at a church, rehearsing with a band, recording podcasts, or designing websites I have never NOT been doing a ‘thing.’

Being raised in a family where your entrepreneurial spirit felt like the only true metric of value you brought to society, I never allowed myself to celebrate the traditional career successes I have been afforded. I still after thirty-nine years had convinced myself that my career was only a means to an end. An end where I had built my own empire. I never gave myself credit for the incremental accomplishments I had achieved.

Does this mean I’m done with my entrepreneurial side quests? Absolutely not. My passion for music, film marking, gaming, and podcasts has not dwindled, but I for once in my life, need to make some space. Some space to recharge, feel creative again, and find my passions anew.

I returned to streaming on Twitch multiple nights a week almost immediately after PDG had failed. This was a mistake. This was me falling into my own traps again. I need to know what it feels like to not be consistently pulled in multiple directions. Simply put, I just need a breather.

I’m not making excuses, I just wanted to be up front with the people who have consistently supported my ventures over the years. Without your support I would have fell apart long ago.

Thank you to anyone reading this for your understanding and patience as I venture into the uncharted territory of peace and clarity.

Much love,

P.S. I get the privilege of being a part of the unCOMFORTABLE podcast every week. So if you’re looking to stay connected to one of my creative outlets, this is a great option.