Dear Christians: A Warning of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Dear Christians,

You are writing your own demise. You are writing an unnecessary ending to your story. You are so desperate to be persecuted that you will ultimately bring persecution down on your own heads and when it happens you will proudly proclaim with righteousness, “I told you so!”

The American Christian has long pointed to scripture to make claims that persecution of the faith is indeed coming. Many have tried to predict it. Now it appears as though Christians are willing to fabricate persecution simply for the sake of winning the argument. Every time a self-proclaiming Christian shares false and ridiculous claims on social media or even privately in social circles, it further proves that they want to usher in their own demise. It further proves that truth isn’t as important as slander, truth isn’t as important as self-righteousness, truth isn’t as important as irreparably damaging the reputation of the Christian faith.

Obama wants to bring on a new world order, Joe Biden is a child molestor, Nancy Pelosi is a lush, Hillary Clinton invented AIDS, the COVID vaccine is the mark of the beast, the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS A PEDEPHILE, BABY-EATING, VAMPIRE CABAL! With the king of all lies being, Donald Trump was sent by God to make America great again.

Wether or not America is great again can be left to ones opinion at this point, but the fact that many believe Trump was sent from God, is where we need to look first. In order for someone to make this claim, it is quite the leap of faith. Not only is it a leap of faith, but it bolsters all other false claims, misinformation, and conspiracy theories on its back. If someone can convince themselves that Donald J. Trump was directly sent by God to raise up a Christian nation then it makes it much easier to take other claims at face value, especially if they are opposing the interpreter of such claims perceived enemies.

Sure many of the formally mentioned conspiracies sound outlandish to most, but if someone can paint another person with contrary viewpoints as the enemy then there is a sense of victory. The cost of that victory is rarely considered. With the rise in awareness to social issues such as racial injustice and rights for the LGBTQ+ community we’ve bore witness to many Christians grasping at straws to deal with how the world is changing. It has led to a sense of great desperation in which Christians have been willing to exchange lies for spreading fear in what can only be assumed as an attempt to scare people straight into believing the way they do. Christians have rallied together and found communities and unity based on falsities. This has led to the Christian community at large to fulfill their own prophecies. Christians want to claim that they are living in an age of persecution. Whether it’s pandemic church closings or the destruction of the family unit.

Matthew chapter 7 tells the story of the wise and foolish builders. This is a poignant example of what has been happening within the Republican Party for years now. We have been witnessing fools building a house on the sand and on January 6, 2021, we witnessed the wave that came to wash it away. When Trump supporters stormed the Capitol we witnessed people holding up signs of the Christian faith and a man in a buffalo costume lead a group of insurrectionists in a prayer on the floor of congress not far from where some had just died for their erroneous cause. You, as a Christian may vehemently disagree with what happened at the Capitol, but the perception of what a Christian stands for was further damaged for the foreseeable future.

The FBI has arrested many of these characters for the crimes they committed in the name of God, which is a prime example of breaking the third commandment, but I digress. Furthermore the FBI has sought neighbors, friends, and family seeking to apprehend these individuals labeled as domestic terrorists. Now let that soak in for a moment. American citizens committing crimes in the name of God, labeled by the FBI as domestic terrorist. I have no desire to institute fear mongering or use this example as a scare tactic, but growing up in the church, I’ve heard it over and over again that in the end times Christians will be persecuted. But have we considered that Christians have been preaching a self-fulfilling prophecy?

If Christians are unwilling to separate themselves from these radicals, how far are we from the government labeling Christianity as a terrorist organization because of their own wrong doings, even if only by association?

Many of us have sat back and watched the rise of Christian Nationalism and have either felt pride or indifference, but it hasn’t called us to action to defend our faith from being eroded from the inside out. We know Jesus would love first and would never force anyone to love him. Yet somehow many have convinced themselves that we can thrust our beliefs on culture in an attempt to change it, even if it requires us to believe and spread lies. This is not the example we should desire for the next generation, nor should we sit idly by and allow labels of terrorism be spoken in the same breath as christianity.

It feels like the modern Christian has lost their way and rejected the teachings of Christ in favor of self-righteous self-destruction. It is time to put aside our differences and end the demonization of those we disagree with. Give up the hateful rhetoric, close our mouths, and listen. Listen to the stories and testimonies of the alienated. Pray for humility, compassion, and empathy. Be the example of Christ and set a precedent of love unlike ever before. Realize our political parties have nothing to do with our faith and bring an end to the blurred lines we’ve created in the landscape of politics and faith.

In the end God will judge us for our actions, so please, dear Christians, let us put an end to this selfish and destructive chapter in our history before it’s too late and our witness has all but withered away.