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Let’s try to breakdown this difficult subject. We can do this.

I Once Was Afraid of Guns

Let’s clear up one thing first. People use guns to kill people. People kill people and the gun they use kill people. You can not blame the gun without blaming the person pulling the trigger. To suggest that criminals or persons with ill intentions would not partake in violent acts simply because a murderous tool was not at their disposal is simply ridiculous. There is not a simple answer to all of this. And those who have taken to twitter with righteous indignation are speaking out in emotional outrage. This outrage is understandable, however inaccurate.

True, although the criminals have now resorted to machettes and other long-bladed weapons. Also true is that the UK is in talks to ban blades over a certain length. So where does it end? Steak knives and sling shots?

This statement is simply asinine. Although if a teacher or other staff member would have been concealed carrying and could have engaged the shooter, it is a lot more likely that some lives could have been saved.

Yet another irrational response… How does this even compare?

A very emotional and illogical reaction coming from someone who has probably never fired a gun in his life.

What happened in Connecticut today was heart wrenchingly tragic and impossible to understand. We as a country have over time been slowly brainwashed to believe that only “bad guys” use guns. My heroes growing up were Batman and MacGyver. Both characters were strongly anti gun. MacGyver was always quick to approach a dangerous situation in a non-violent way. Always out-thinking his blundering enemies and their unreliable guns.

Batman may had not always been so non-violent, but he never used guns. Batman would solve crimes and battle criminals all while never murdering anyone, let alone shooting them.

Needless to say I grew up with distaste for guns. My father always had them around and I was terrified to even get close to one. I have always been non-confrontational, the first one to want to talk my way out of a problem.

Up until six months ago I had absolutely no desire to look at, hold or shoot a firearm. That all changed three and a half years ago, although I didn’t notice until recently. June 4th, 2009 my wife gave birth to our first child. My world would never be the same. I was ecstatic and flush with other emotions I couldn’t possibly understand. But I knew as soon as I held her that I would do anything for this little person I just met. Then again on March 17th, 2011 I was formally introduced to my son. Greeted once again by a flood of incomprehensible emotion I couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread overcome me. Later I began to understand what I was feeling and the simplest way to explain it is as responsibility. I cared so much for my children, but felt helpless to protect them.

So what would posses a man who has all but sworn off the thought of owning a gun to purchase one? Peace of mind. There are a lot of bad people in this world and most of us are not as resourceful as MacGyver or as wealthy as Bruce Wayne.

Do I want to murder someone? Absolutely not! But when the bad guys have guns what are we suppose to do? Just lie down and take it?

People want to praise the gun ban in the UK, but never mention the success of gun ownership in Switzerland. We obviously need a solution to this violence, but banning guns is not it.

Adam Lanza was a sick, deranged freak. To murder a child is sub-human and deplorable. No sympathy will be felt for his death. So many Americans have been conditioned to fear guns, including my former self. Understanding and education is the answer.

Guns may be the answer to the gun problem. If Lanza thought for a second that he wasn’t entering a gun free zone, he would have never been able to so easily take advantage of that weakness. This is the same reason the Aurora shooter chose a theater that didn’t allow guns in their establishment.

I once was afraid of guns, but now I respect them. I respect how dangerous they are and I respect their undeniable importance in an unpredictable world.