blue comedy

I’d be the first to admit that I am really good at deriving a laugh through blue humor. Now let me clarify, when I say blue I don’t necessarily mean vulgar, or blasted with expletives. I would say more on the perverse side of the spectrum, without being direct. I would rather allude to the shade of blue.

Now cursing really seems like the easy way to strangle a chuckle out of someone, although I have always found it to cheapen a joke. Comedians who can only earn a laugh by forgoing an educated vocabulary have never appealed to me. If someone can imply something without outright saying said thing, it seems my tickle-trigger is pulled almost inevitably.

Recently and also in the past I have been involved in a podcast. And more often then not, lewd comedy has lent itself to our conversations. When you get four or five guys in front of microphones delving into the proverbial one-upmanship that is “dude-talk”, it can become a very slippery slope. See even there I could go on about slippery slopes, the topic of slippery slopes really has endless posibilites for quality, bawdy-fodder.

So here in-lies my personal challenge. I would like to continue these podcasts, but excavate the off-color commentary. Over the air television has faced this challenge for many years. Albeit more recently, censors have been a bit lackadaisical in that department. Do I think I can accomplish this with a complete aversion to suggestive content? More than likely not. I will however do my best to keep it a clean PG-13.

I truly admire comedians like Conan O’brien (R.I.P. Tonight Show w/ CoCo) who can make me laugh repeatedly without getting tasteless. I believe it has got to be challenging at times to not just go for the cheap laughs. I hope to hold myself to higher standards in all my future endeavors. Not to say I’m completely above a cheap laugh, but I’d like to prove to myself that I am capable of something more.

What are your takes on humor? What do you think is too far in comedy? Leave comments and lets start a dialog!