5. I Ordered a Cybertruck

And I’m looking forward to my $100 refund in two years.

4. I’m Sorry

I am seeking forgiveness.

3. Social Awareness

Do you ever wonder if the people around you are even aware that other human beings exist?

2. Politics

Do you have a bad case of the politics? Please apply this podcast to your forehead.

1. Death Stranding

Come along with me as I mostly gush about Death Stranding.


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The Patriarchal Lie

My mother led a life that would be considered a much more traditional experience for a woman. My wife leads a much more modern mother’s life, holding down 40 hours and raising children. Both women have been instrumental in forming my worldview of the opposite sex. Because of that I haven’t had to entertain thoughts of women being lesser than men, much past the cooties stage of life. 

I acknowledge our differences, but I’ve never thought one or the other is more capable. I couldn’t imagine going through life or raising my children to believe that they are allowed to judge someone’s value based on their gender. I respected my mother and admired her strength and her ability to teach me to be empathetic to the needs of the world around me. I also respect my wife for expecting me to be equally as involved in our kid’s lives as she is. At the same time teaching me to feel safe when doing the things others may deem a “motherly duty.”

Nothing frustrates me, in such a specific way, as men who write women off based solely on them being female. Or men who think it’s okay to keep their children at arm’s length when it comes to caring for them physically or emotionally. All family dynamics are unique, and they should be, but if you think you are owed something because of the gender-lottery you’re ultimately an outcome of, you need to seriously consider doing some soul-searching. 

Think of what we could accomplish as a society if we could simply move past the patriarchal lie we’ve succumb to for generations. It is not hard to point out the hypocritical attitudes of those who smugly stand by their uncomfortably bloated viewpoints, but change starts with the ones who can identify it and pivot.

7 Reasons You Can’t Accomplish Your Goals

1. You

2. You

3. You

4. You

5. You

6. You

7. You


A Song Made Me Feel Something

Today a spoken word song made me face a reality I’ve been avoiding and hope to continue hiding from. Sometimes art is so personal that it can travel over your heart strings and be translated in the process. I could never know what caused Broken World to write what they did, but I still felt it. Not what they felt, but rather, what their interpretation felt like to me.

I am incapable of putting these feelings into words. Listen and maybe you’ll feel something too.

An Open Letter to Christians

Dear Christians (of who I claim party to),

Please stop embarking on petty feuds with people who are different then you. Not changing your profile picture nor eating a chicken sandwich is in anyway a demonstration of compassion. This “us against them” mentality will never work, neither is it biblical. Christ gave us the freedom to choose, so please reciprocate this chose to others.

Your public demonstrations of disapproval, albeit passionate are not compassionate. Your distaste, ignorance and counterculture stance is prevalent without your perpetuated outspokenness. There will forever be issues you can not agree upon. Instead learn to resolve your differences peacefully and lovingly.

You must learn to not perceive every outsider’s worldview as a personal attack on your beliefs. The defensive position you so quickly assume is unfitting to your faith that you so proudly stake a claim in. These tactics may challenge your pride, but in the end are a sign of your true strength. Your intentions should always be to teach truth and demonstrate love.