18. Fear Has Two Faces

When the world starts burning, people either panic or become complacent. Let’s discuss.

17. My Corona

Should we panic now?

16. The Unreasonable Fear of Technology

BOO! Are you scared yet? Technology is coming to get you!

15. Top 5 Embarrassing Stories

The say vulnerable is valuable, so here goes nothing.

14. Happy Birthday to Me

I wanted ‘sir’ till I got it. 

13. Misunderstood

I can’t be the only one, can I?

12. Marriage Story

A love story, cautionary tale, and a movie you won’t be able to look away from. The is less of a review of the movie and for of a therapy session.

11. The Naked Philanthropist

Kaylen Ward calls herself the Naked Philanthropist, she raised more than $1 million in contributions to aid the Australian bushfires by giving donors nude photos.

10. Apple vs FBI

Let’s try to breakdown this difficult subject. We can do this.

9. Rotten Tomatoes

Here’s my opinion on opinions.